Magic Number For Chiefs vs. Bills

Our man Enrique has broken down all the numbers for Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Bills. He’s boiled them all down to one magic number. See if you agree.

His record with the magic number: 2-0.

Jamaal Charles has been the Chiefs’ playmaker in ‘09 and has shown flashes of brilliance. But the fact that all three of his fumbles led to TD’s from the opposition cannot go unnoticed. Unfortunately, Matt Cassel has stopped the bleeding and with three fumbles of his own, he is responsible for 12 turnovers by himself. Together the Cassel-Charles combo has accounted for 15 of K.C.’s 18 giveaways. If the Chiefs aspire to win on Sunday, they have to set the example and hold on to their end of the bargain.

Since they started playing against each other in 1960, the games when the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Buffalo Bills turned into paradise for the ball hawks. Prior to this decade, a whopping 89 turnovers were committed in 16 contests celebrated in Dallas/KC, good for a 5.56 turnover-average per game. In the 00’s, things have “slowed” a little with 15 turnovers in four games, or a 3.75 average. Obviously the Bills have done a better job of protecting the football and that has translated to victories. In the four occurrences when the Chiefs welcomed the Bills at Arrowhead Stadium in this decade, the winning team did not turn the ball over.

So, in conclusion (and to continue the trend), the Chiefs’ Magic Number to escape with a victory is 0, which would be the number of their turnovers this weekend.

One Response to “Magic Number For Chiefs vs. Bills”

  • December 11, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    Agree…BUT I give us 1 turnover and still have a chance to win

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