NFL First-Quarter Almanac – The League

Over the next few days, we’ll break down the action over the NFL for the first quarter of the season, even though the Chiefs and three other teams have not yet reached their fourth game.

Plus, these numbers are without the Monday night result between the Patriots and Dolphins, one will score its third victory of the season.


  • Most victories – 3, by the Chiefs, Jets, Ravens, Steelers, Texans, Bears, Falcons, Saints and Patriots or Dolphins.
  • Fewest victories – 0, by the Bills, Lions, Panthers and 49ers.
  • Most losses – 4, by the Bills, Lions, Panthers and 49ers.
  • Fewest losses – 0, by the Chiefs.
  • Most successful division – AFC South, with a 9-7 record.
  • Worst division – NFL West, with a 6-10 record.
  • AFC vs. NFC – The AFC leads the head-to-head competition 11-6.
  • Home teams are – 36-25.
  • Longest ’10 winning streak – 3, by the Chiefs, Falcons and Jets.
  • Longest ’10 losing streak – 4, by the Bills, Lions, Panthers and 49ers.

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Stats Roundup: A Decade Of Rushing

The 2000s was the most successful decade in franchise history for the Chiefs when it came to running the football. That was thanks to the strong legs and ability of Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson.

Among the league’s 32 teams, the Chiefs finished ninth in rushing yards over the decade, averaging 122.4 yards per game. That was just less than 12 yards per game behind the rushing leader over the 2000s, the Denver Broncos.

Of the team’s 19,581 rushing yards from 2000 through 2009, Holmes and Johnson accounted for 62 percent of those yards.

The Chiefs finished No. 1 in rushing touchdowns during the decade, with 183 scores. Holmes and Johnson had 131 of those touchdown runs. That was 72 percent of the team’s rushing scores.

Over the last 10 seasons, the Chiefs had six different seasons where a running back ran for 1,000 yards or more (missing only in 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2008.) That was done by three different backs – Holmes, Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Those three and FB Tony Richardson were the Chiefs backs that put up more than 1,000 yards over the decade.

Here’s the top 10 Chiefs rushers over the last 10 seasons: …Read More!

If You Want to Win, Run The Ball

Sure, everybody likes to see the football thrown around the field with great accuracy and precision.

It’s just not the surest way to victory.

For proof, check out these NFL numbers for teams that have had100-yard rushers, 100-yard receivers and 300-yard passers over the last five seasons (2003-07.) These statistics leave no doubt that running the ball well is the fastest way to earning victory.




2003 107-44 .709
2004 134-44 .753
2005 112-23 .830
2006 107-47 .695
2007 102-37 .734
Total 562-195 .742

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