Practice Report 12/3 Update

From the Truman Sports Complex

RB Kolby Smith suffered a setback in his return from an ankle  injury and did not practice with the Chiefs on Thursday. That puts in doubt his ability to play Sunday against the Broncos.

Head coach Todd Haley said that more would be known about Smith and his chances for playing against Denver on Friday.

That leaves only Jamaal Charles and Dantrell Savage as halfbacks on the roster. Savage was limited in Thursday’s practice as he recovers from an ankle injury. Haley said that Savage was better on Thursday than he was on Wednesday.

“We got a Plan B, Plan C ready to go one way or another,” Haley said of the situation at running back. “I think we’ve done the things necessary to be ready. I’m happy we have a guy like Tim Castille that can play both positions, halfback and fullback. We’ll be ready to go regardless. Any time you have an injury, it’s a setback but somebody has to move up and fill the void.”

The Chiefs were outside for practice again on Thursday, in temperatures that were even colder than what they went through Wednesday. The only difference was a bit of sunshine broke through the clouds at times, making it feel a few degrees warmer. 

Maybe because of the weather, but the Chiefs were done with practice earlier than normal.

“They were moving fast,” Haley said with smile. “They were in and out of the huddle and off the field quicker.”

5 Responses to “Practice Report 12/3 Update”

  • December 3, 2009  - jimbo says:

    You know Haley loves it when he says the guys were in & out of huddles quickly & just plain ole hustling.
    I find it kind of funny as well. We have a bunch of grown men whimpering about the cold. I guarantee you that if there was a bunch of attractive women or cheerleaders or cameras all around they would have acted more like Strutting Roosters than prep school boys.
    You gotta admit, it had to have been a funny sight.

  • December 3, 2009  - ThunderChief says:

    I think I get where Haley is coming from in terms of advancing the positive talk about the shortage of RBs (in this instance) and his having a backup plan to accomodate the derth but who is buying this load of BS?

    As has been documented by Bob and others, sizewise, JC is not a prototypical NFL RB capable of 25+ carries over too many games. A FB type can bust the gut a few times which is needed but to fill in and expect the same YPC from this guy? Come on!

    Bottom line: Put NFL-ready RB on the needs list in the off-season, if not right NOW.

  • December 3, 2009  - TimR says:

    I’m quite sure a RB is on the list… He wants a RB by committee, at least seemingly.

  • December 3, 2009  - David Henderson says:

    You have to have a committee until that one special back emerges! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • December 3, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    For those that want to discount Jamaal Charles ability to be an “every-down back” or a “number-one back”…just go look up Chris Johnson’s numbers.

    If Charles had some better blocking up front? Look out. The guy can be the real deal…a freakin’ monster. I look forward to seeing this young man develop.

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