NFL Power Rankings: Week No. 13

I believe in hard work. I believe in attitude, mindsets, disposition, preparation and dedication. But I also believe in luck. To me, it constitutes an integral aspect within the gridiron.

Due to the ovoid constitution of the football, nobody can predict with exactitude the bounces of the pigskin and that unpredictability is where the beauty of the game resides. There are so many variables, so many scenarios and so much chaos that as a result one can only remain alert and seize the opportunities when they come. You never know when the ball is going to roll in your direction.

And in week 13 of the NFL campaign, the lucky breaks were at the top of the menu.

The Saints (left) were fortunate that the opposing kicker gave them new life. The Seahawks caught a break when a familiar nemesis was relegated in the game plan due to a change in philosophy. The Jaguars were amazed that the Texans didn’t learn from their previous encounter. The Raiders’ Louis Murphy turned into a playmaker thanks to a wobbly pass.

Don’t forget: everything starts with effort, but never under-estimate that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. While we hesitate between picking heads or tails, we are lucky to gather the audience that enjoys the sport of professional football. Enjoy your NFL’s Chutes ‘N Ladders for Week 13:

 Chutes ‘N Ladders – Week 13 – (1-16)

Chutes ‘N Ladders – Week 13 – (17-32)

One Response to “NFL Power Rankings: Week No. 13”

  • December 9, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    Im really looking forward to the rest of the season, I think we can win this 4th qtr as Haley would say!!

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