OTA #1 Report: Only One Player Missing

From the Truman Sports Complex

On Monday morning, the Chiefs had 85 signed and unsigned players on their roster. When they took the field for their first OTA practice session of the off-season, 84 were on the indoor field at the team’s facility.

The only man missing was S Jarrad Page. As a restricted free agent, Page has not yet signed his tender offer and thus can’t take part in the workout without signing an injury waiver. Head coach Todd Haley declined to talk about Page and his absence, preferring to “talk about the guys that are here.”

Two of those guys that “were here” came as a surprise: veteran LG Brian Waters and OLB Mike Vrabel. Two of the oldest and most experienced players on the roster, Waters and Vrabel did not attend any of the OTA work last year. The only time their shadows cross the door at the team’s facilities came for the mandatory mini-camp.

But there was No. 50 lining up with the first defense and No. 54 was at his normal spot with the No. 1 offensive line.

“With both of those guys, I was in a good place,” Haley said of the veterans. “We were on the same page. This whole off-season has been a good sign of commitment by everybody involved. This isn’t just about today; it’s about the last few months. These guys are really working, and working together. Now we have the chance to take another step towards the goals that we want to reach.”

While not speaking specifically about Page, the head coach did make his feelings known about those who were taking part in the OTA.

“It’s their prerogative,” Haley said of participation in these voluntary practices. “This is about accomplishing goals that have been set and doing it the right way all the time. As a whole this group is doing it the way it needs to be done to have a chance to compete and be a good team in this league.

Of the 84 players on the field, six did not take part in the on-field work because of recovering from injuries from last year or off-season surgery: RB Jamaal Charles, CB Brandon Flowers, TE Brad Cottam, WR Quentin Lawrence, WR Lance Long and draft choice TE Tony Moeaki.

Speaking specifically only of Moeaki, Haley said: “He has something that should not be a big deal and he should be out there soon.”

Overall, Haley was pleased with the turnout and the type of work that the team was able to get done.

“It’s the time we start to get into some football again,” Haley said. “It’s still the strength and conditioning program, but now we are integrating some football into the program. I felt it was a productive day.”

Observations from the first OTA and remember, it’s May 17th and the opener is four months away:

  • Ryan Lilja ran with the first team at right guard, between center Rudy Niswanger and RT Ryan O’Callaghan.
  • The No. 2 offensive line was C Casey Wiegmann, LG Ikechuku Ndukwe, RG Colin Brown, LT Barry Richardson and RT Jermail Porter.
  • The No. 3 offensive line was C Lemuel Jeanpierre, LG Andrew Lewis, RG Jon Asamoah, LT Tyler Eastman and RT Nick Landry.
  • The man left out of the offensive line snaps was first-year guard Darryl Harris. He was dressed but did not get a significant number of opportunities.
  • The No. 1 defense lined up with Reshard Langford at safety with veteran Jon McGraw. The cornerbacks were Brandon Carr and Maurice Leggett. The front seven was the normal starting group from last year with Glenn Dorsey, Ron Edwards and Tyson Jackson across the front, and linebackers Vrabel, Demorrio Williams, Corey Mays and Tamba Hali.
  • The No. 2 defense was Wallace Gilberry, Shaun Smith and Alex Magee on the line, with Andy Studebaker, Derrick Johnson, Jovan Belcher and Pierre Walters at linebacker. The secondary had Mike Richardson and Travis Daniels at the corners, with Ricky Price and DaJuan Morgan at safety.
  • New WR Jerheme Urban dropped a couple passes, including a slant where he heard footsteps from Mays in the middle of the field.
  • Carr made a nice interception of a pass from QB Matt Cassel intended for WR Chris Chambers.
  • Mays also had an interception of a bobbled pass thrown by Matt Gutierrez and newly signed S Andre Jones picked off a pass on a tipped ball by QB Tyler Palko.
  • The Chiefs added three new players on Monday. They picked up TE Leroy Banks off the waiver wire, after he was released last week by Atlanta. Banks is a rookie free agent out of Southern Mississippi. They also signed two rookie free agents that took part in their rookie camp two weeks ago: Kansas State DE Jeffrey Fitzgerald and DB Andre Jones out of Akron.

24 Responses to “OTA #1 Report: Only One Player Missing”

  • May 17, 2010  - sdchief says:

    urban dropping passes=patrick crayton in KC…watch it happen

  • May 17, 2010  - sdchief says:

    thanks for the update Bob, love this time of year on this website…great great information on the OTA’s. Much Appreciated

  • May 17, 2010  - KC_Guy says:

    Where did Eric Berry line up??

    Quote: The No. 1 defense lined up with Reshard Langford at safety with veteran Jon McGraw.
    The No. 2 defense was … with Ricky Price and DaJuan Morgan at safety.

    McCluster? Arenas?

    Sounds pretty much like the Rookies were held out of the action … The only one mentioned is Asamoah with the 3rd OL.

  • May 17, 2010  - jimbo says:

    Glad you could be there Bob.
    Always good to read your reports & candid observations. Looking forward to your future OTA’s posts.
    Go Chiefs.

  • May 17, 2010  - Alex(The Great) says:

    Great work BoB! Cassel picked off again with no real pass rush…its gonna be a sad year for this guy…sounds like another Scott Mitchell or Rob Johnson…Hopefully our defense is muched improved and Charles continues 2 dominate, so we r able 2 stay in ball games.

  • May 17, 2010  - Rodeo John says:


    There you go complaining about Cassel again. Sorry to tell you but Brodie didn’t fair to well either, fumbling a handoff to TJ that got recovered by the D and both Gutierrez and Polko got interecepted as well.

    Why don’t you give it a break? First day back. They aren’t even in pads. D has the upper hand during the majority of these practices. All and all, sounds like it was a great practice and that we are going to have a true “TEAM” this year with everyone showing up.

    Hey Bob, if you got the time, it would be interesting to know a little more on our other rookies and how much they were participating today (Berry, Arenas, Sheffield). Thanks!

  • May 17, 2010  - Rusty says:

    its day one simmer down

  • May 17, 2010  - Reality Check says:

    Alex the Retard,

    First OTA, got picked by his own team mate who knows his moves…hmmm, you’re special you, yes you are, yes you are.


  • May 17, 2010  - Old Man says:

    I’m glad Waters showed up. That says something about this team going forward, and something about Waters’ enthusiasm to include himself in the mix at this point.

  • May 17, 2010  - Alex(The Great) says:

    Lol…thanx for the love guys..if only u guys could see the truth in Cassel the way u see it in me.(The Great takes a bow)

  • May 17, 2010  - Gump says:

    I completely disagree with Alex, but you guys are making me feel like someone should stick up for his right to an opinion(even if it’s wrong). Keep it up Alex.

  • May 17, 2010  - who-hoo! says:

    Football w/out pads – YESS!!

    Thanks bob – your site will be my go to this off season

  • May 17, 2010  - ChiefGonzo says:

    Relax on the Cassel INT thing already! Go read some other Nfl team sites and I am sure it is the same across the board! I am not totally sold on our QB at all either….he doesn’t seem to throw a nice spiral which could be why the guys aren’t able to catch as many as you would like….but I’m going to hold judgment until at least our bye week this year.

  • May 17, 2010  - PnS says:

    Kudos…….. The Great…… Yes we all have one.Some think their’s smell better . By that…. there is room for different smells on here. When I read about Cassel that’s just what I thought also.They’re right it’s the first day….. But….it’s not like it’s his 1st INt…. same play/ different year.

  • May 17, 2010  - Xalvion says:

    Moaning about Cassel’s pick … Man … Have you ever even PLAYED football? … Interceptions happen … That’s like crying because your favourite Royal struck out … When Matt throws 5 in one day, then maybe you’ve got reason for concern.

    Geez … Chill.

  • May 17, 2010  - J Lloyd says:

    When crossing the field to catch passes it takes a lot of ________ .
    Andre Johnson has it along with about 14 other recievers in the league .
    What’s that missing word that describes what it takes ?

  • May 17, 2010  - Michael says:

    There’s always somebody who exaggerates to get a rise out of people. Brings a lot of attention. Cassel would have to go through all the OTA’s, training camp and the preseason without an interception in order to, maybe, gain the approval of some.

    Great that all the players showed up; that’s a good sign. Looks like no one will get installed into a starting spot, and that’s probably a good thing, too. I think it’s the right way to go when guys have to work their way up the charts. They’ll also have to do a lot of work to get an arrowhead on the helmet. As it should be.

  • May 17, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    May 17th, first day of OTA’s…Cassel gets picked off.

    Oh my. What a loser.

    LMAO! Seriously?

    Cassel may or may not make it…I understand that. But, throwing a pick…today? I think I’ll wait to be worried. You think Sanders ever picks off Manning in practice? Let’s be serious here.

  • May 17, 2010  - J Lloyd says:

    When a reciever muffs a catch and the ball brounces up and is falling into the hands of the wrong ———Is that pick?????????

  • May 17, 2010  - Paul says:

    Why has Page not signed his tender? Noone is going to give the Chiefs a 2nd pick for Page, though he has looked good at times.

  • May 18, 2010  - el cid says:

    Not sure Lloyd, but Jackson got credit for tackles by falling down trying to get past a OT and the runner fell over his body.

  • May 18, 2010  - SG says:

    “Mays also had an interception of a bobbled pass thrown by Matt Gutierrez…”

    These kinds of things are the ones that cause DJ to continue to be back in the pack. Also, anyone worried about “Goot” throwing a pick? LOL didn’t think so…(agreeing with the comments regarding relaxing about the pick)

  • May 18, 2010  - rwalke10 says:

    My guess is that Page is history and he knows it. Reshard Langford is running with the 1st team at Safety. Looks like Pioli and Co. know something else we don’t. I personally don’t know anything about Langford, but it’ll be interesting to see how he does during this round of OTA’s. Haley had some good things to say about Langford yesterday also.

  • May 19, 2010  -  says:

    You post informative posts. Bookmarked !

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