Enrique’s Video Vault: A Moment In Gatorade

Over the years our man Enrique has rolled video tape on just about anything and everything Chiefs related that was available to him in Mexico. Despite his distance from middle America, he has developed quite a collection of memories from the last 20 years. In this quiet time for Chiefs football, we are going to bring some of these videos to you with commentary from Enrique. Enjoy!

A Quencher For Your Chiefs Thirst

You know that you’re good when the corporate world looks your way. And back in 2003, the Arrowhead Ones were not only expected to be good – they were projected to be REAL good.

The momentum generated by the inductions of Hank Stram and Marcus Allen to the Pro Football Hall of Fame helped put the Chiefs in the spotlight. But it was the much-anticipated third season of Dick Vermeil at the helm of the Red and Gold squad that directed the League’s attention to the state of Missouri. Since the track record of Coach Vermeil suggested that a possible breakthrough could very well find its developing point in the heart of Kansas City, well, it was only logical that nobody wanted to be left behind.

Aired for the first time on September 6th, 2003, the company responsible for bringing you the quintessential sports drink gave us one encouraging sign about the Chiefs’ prospects in the form of a great piece of advertising. Featuring none other than Hall of Famer Len Dawson, Chiefs’ Hall of Famer E.J. Holub, long-time athletic trainer Wayne Rudy, and the Mentor himself, the TV spot described the incursion of the soon-to-be worldwide sensation into the boundaries of pro football. Whether slightly embellished (for entertaining purposes) or not, the structure of the commercial – which was presented by the legendary Keith Jackson — was so good, that it even had to span a running time of one minute, instead of the customary 30 seconds. All I can say is that it was worth it. When I saw the final product, I was delighted.

Even though that season ended in heart-breaking disappointment (you know what I’m talking about), this commercial always brings me back to that hopeful time that represented the anticipation for the start of the ’03 campaign. It helped me believe that we’re headed for a winning stage, as well as an exciting one. The delivery of the spot implied so. The genius of the commercial – at least for this Chiefs’ fan — resided in the simple premise that substance and style can really go hand in hand, when making a quality product. And truth be told, that’s a sight that is not only refreshing, but quite tasty as well.

One Response to “Enrique’s Video Vault: A Moment In Gatorade”

  • July 18, 2010  - Adrian says:

    I was at that playoff game against the Colts (I was almost 13 at the time) with my father. It was a heartbreak, but it was good football. It was good to see the Chiefs so unified as an organization, and I feel like they’re slowly headed in the same direction again. The decade is definitely looking hopeful.

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