Enrique’s Video Collection … A Father’s Decision

Our man Enrique has over the years rolled video tape on just about anything and everything Chiefs related and has developed quite a collection of memories from the last 20 years. In this quiet time for Chiefs football, we are going to bring some of these videos to you with commentary from Enrique. Enjoy!

Fatherhood – it’s easy to figure it out.

And if you agree with the above sentence, you obviously have not taken part of the concept.

In a little over five minutes (and thanks to the supreme reporting of then ESPN-reporter Ann Werner), a special feature that was first aired in June of 2000 gave us a closer look at the trial and tribulations that suddenly turned upside down the life of the former Chiefs’ standout, Dave Szott in the twilight of his playing career.

Already dealing with the proper nuisances (read, injuries) that came courtesy of a decline of his skill sets, Szott had to face a more challenging scenario than withstanding a the power of a bull rush along the line of scrimmage.

In trying to find a favorable setting for the development of his older child, Shane — who suffered from cerebral palsy –, the former Nittany Lion could not escape the reality that, although reluctantly, he needed to leave Kansas City.

Obviously, the choice wasn’t digested smoothly. After overcoming the odds (by being a former 7th round draft pick) to become a fixture in one of the most successful teams in franchise history, it’s safe to say that a part of Dave Szott’s heart just couldn’t make a clean break with the city that gave him so much. This story vividly relays the internal struggle that one man endured in order to make the right thing. Not for him anyways. But for his loved ones.

And yes, that’s the true trademark of being a father.

So, as a tribute to Dave Szott, and to all of those brave men that lay it on the line for the sake of their kids, I got only one thing to say:

Happy Father’s Day.





5 Responses to “Enrique’s Video Collection … A Father’s Decision”

  • June 21, 2010  - Tracy says:

    Fine choice for a Father’s Day salute and a great reminder of both the heyday of Marty ball in K.C. and the saga of one man’s efforts to overcome the long odds against him.

  • June 21, 2010  - The Morning Fix | Arrowhead Addict | A Kansas City Chiefs blog says:

    [...] Enrique’s Video Collection … A Father’s Decision-BobGretz.com Jay has spent the last seven seasons as the head varsity football coach at Southwestern. In those seven seasons, the Trojans have compiled a 67-10 record, three league championships and two New York State Public High School Athletic Association titles. Currently, Southwestern is the owner of a New York-best 29-game winning streak. [...]

  • June 21, 2010  - Danny W says:

    Good read and watch I got a little teary eyed

  • June 21, 2010  - War_Paint says:

    This was a great feature, Bob. Szott is one of my all-time favorite Chiefs players. I hadn’t heard this story before, and always wondered what prompted him to want to be traded. It’s such a heart-warming story. It’s also heart-breaking,
    especially when you see the tears in Dave’s eyes,
    as he talks about his son, and the emotional turmoil he was in, having to decide to do what was best for his family, by leaving his 2nd family, the KC Chiefs organization, and his fans.
    I wish Dave the best. It’s good to see him still involved in football.

  • June 21, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    Good stuff, Enrique. Thanks for the link.

    Szott was always one of the “good guys”. And still is. As a father of a disabled child myself…I completely understand where he was coming from. Family comes first. Period.

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