Response to “Cleaning Up the Hall”

Markum says: Bob, I don’t understand why the Hall of Fame voting blew up into such a big controversy this year. It seems like some of the people complaining think it should be easier for guys to get into the Hall. I was a Saints fan when Willie (Roaf) played down there and I thought he was the best blocker I saw year after year. But just because he didn’t make it the first year, doesn’t mean he won’t make it. There are a lot of great players and as you said, it should be hard to make the Hall. Could you explain the complaints of the people I’ve read, leaving out Whitlock because I know his agenda is about getting attention for him, not Willie Roaf. He proved that for years when he wrote for the Star.

Bob says: I think the combination of names like Willie Roaf and Cris Carter not making the Class of 2011 for the Hall of Fame, and NFL Films founder Ed Sabol getting his ticket punched is what started a lot of the second guessing. All of us on the committee are used to being called idiots, because there are always players that fans and media think should be in the Hall, and they don’t understand why they missed. There is never an easy explanation other than there are a lot of worthy considerations and all of them cannot make it each year. I don’t mind the second guessing. What I do mind is being called corrupt by someone who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Responses to “A Good Labor Day … Weekend Cup O’Chiefs”

cowboyChief says: “It is nice to finally hear a little something positive about the contract talks. If both sides will sit down and stay there, plus quit worrying about the public posturing, they might actually come to an agreement. Get ‘Er Dun!!!!!!

Nate says: It doesn’t “seem” that the owners are businessmen who have invested their money and efforts to build a team and a league. That is in fact a true statement. The problem is with a few owners like Boss Hogg (Jerry Jones) & Richardson the Panthers owner to name a couple.

Bob says: The two sides spent three straight days talking in Washington, D.C., getting together for 20 hours of talks and so far they’ve kept the lid on things. That’s a good sign. But remember this: neither side is done posturing. That will continue throughout the process. On both sides are huge egos that are used to winning and many are used to crowing about the victories and making excuses for the defeats.

One of the problems in this battle over money is that the owners are split into very different factions. Long-time family run teams like the Lions, Bears, Cardinals, Steelers, Bills, Bengals, Titans, Colts and yes the Chiefs, have seen modest initial investments become billion dollar franchises that have paid for a wealthy lifestyle for one, two and in some cases now three generations. Their investment is not on the same level of teams like the Cowboys, Eagles, Ravens, Redskins, Falcons, Dolphins, Texans, Browns, Jets and Vikings. Those ownership groups are carrying major debt loads that financed their purchases of the team in the last 20 years. Say what you might about Jerry Jones, but he’s got just about every cent he owns on the line for the Cowboys and that new stadium. Then there is a third group that falls between the old guard and guys with big debt – Seahawks, 49ers, Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Saints, Rams, Colts, Panthers, Buccaneers, Jaguars and Patriots.

Responses to “Tamba’s Not Going Anywhere.”

KC_Guy says: So I understand your take on the Franchise Tag situation is it will become meaningless after March 3 when the CBA expires. But it may be re-established with a new CBA – and the move is meant to make sure no timelines etc are missed. Guess the same should hold true for RFA/ERFA tenders then. Guess we will see some moves there pretty soon as well even if it is unclear what the new rules on RFA are – if there is any at all.

RW says: Quick solution: Sign Hali to a long-term deal comparable to the best at his position in the league, stop the drama and get on down the road. Why the front office goes through this exercise in the first place speaks to the unmitigated hubris of the owner and GM, in my view. On the one hand they say Hali is their kind of guy but they have to slap a tag on him to buy more time in their dealings to beat his agent down in price? We’re not talking about some slug here. We’re talking about the Chief’s MVP, excellent character guy that should be the face of the franchise. Memo to Pioli/Hunt: Wise up.

ed says: RW chill out. Deal will get done. You can say same thing about Peyton Manning of the Colts. These organizations are trying to figure out what new rules they’re going to be dealing with. Like it or not this is a business and no team going to be throwing long term contracts around right now until CBA is done and over.

Bob says: The situation with the franchise tags and the end of the collective bargaining agreement is really very unusual. You’ll notice that with the exception of a few street free agents and players signed to reserve/futures contracts, nobody around the league is signing any of their players. I’m not sure they are allowed to at this point. Since the two-week window for the franchise player designation comes completely before the end of the agreement, it forced teams to use the designation or lose it. Whether it will be part of the new agreement we all wait and see. The Chiefs should have gotten Hali’s deal done during the season, like they did with Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Charles.

Reponse to “‘Outsider’ Zorn Hired … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs”

Tenand6 says: Jim Zorn is such a thoroughly decent man and accomplished coach that it looks like a smart match for Cassel. As Bob pointed out, it is good to see Haley go outside his comfort zone with a coach with whom he had no connections. To me, that shows confidence and sensitivity to Cassel as a person as much as a developing QB. Those who focused on Haley’s temper flare-ups have missed his smart, calculated and conservative nature. He’s a creative problem solver whose passion misleads. And while Haley will make mistakes, his self-reflection will hopefully keep them to a minimum and offset them with constructive moves like hiring Zorn. Right now, it looks very good on paper.

Bob says: Good take from Tenand6. Haley has made giant strides in two years with how he handles himself and relationships with players and coaches. He will tell you that some of that early approach was important for establishing the right tenor in the building. I don’t disagree. But some of this behavior was a head coach feeling his way in his first assignment as the man in charge. Here’s one thing I know happened with Haley after the ’09 and the ’10 seasons – no one was evaluated more thoroughly by the head coach than the head coach.

Response to “NFL Combine – Center/Guard”

MarkInTexas says: I’m a homer, forgive me, but no mention of Jake Kirkpatrick of TCU? Rimington Trophy winner as nation’s best center. Film shows his skill and first-hand accounts confirm character. Oversight? Or you have better information

Bob says: The players listed were only those invited to the NFL Combine. It’s hard to understand why a guy like Kirkpatrick was left off. The same can be said with Missouri C Tim Barnes, who deserved a chance to perform for the teams and Auburn LB Josh Bynes. Every year the invitation lists misses 10 to 12 players that should be there, because they’ll be draft choices in rounds three, four and five. NFL teams send in their nominations on what players they would like to see, and those are compiled and then voted on. Make no mistake, Kirkpatrick will get drafted.

Response to “NFL Combine – Tight End”

Anonymous says: Three things you can count on…death, taxes, and Pioli drafting a Tight End.

Bob says: So true. It’s something he learned to value from Bill Belichick and the Patriots. In the last 10 drafts with the Patriots, Belichick has selected 10 tight ends. Included in that group were two selected last season that turned out to be big contributors for the New England offense – Rob Gronkowski and Anthony Hernandez. Between them they caught 87 passes for 1,109 yards and 16 TDs in their rookie season. In two years with the Chiefs, Pioli has drafted a tight end both years with Jake O’Connell in the seventh round of the ’09 Draft and then Tony Moeaki in the third round of the ’10 Draft.

Response to “NFL Combine – Offensive Tackle”

Nate says: Mike Mayock (NFL Network) has Nate Solder rated #1. You have him #3. It will be interesting to see where there are drafted and who turns out to be the best LT in the draft. My money is on Solder.

Bob says: Right now, it’s a bit too early in the process to get a definitive answer on where these offensive linemen will rank. Watching Solder along with Anthony Castonzo and Gabe Carimi in the Senior Bowl, you could have put a dime on them they were so close. Castonzo and Carimi are a bit more versatile, as they could play inside at guard. Solder at 6-8¼ is strictly a tackle. All three will go in the first round.

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  • February 21, 2011  - RW says:

    I heard a most entertaining interview with Jerry Glanville on Sirius over the weekend. The most interesting comment Jerry made was something on the order of:

    “Coaches want to draft players they NEED regardless of their so-called value. GMs want to take the high value picks, then sell the coach on the selection.

    When I was with the Falcons, we had most of our DBs leave, so the draft comes around and the GM takes OT Lincoln Kennedy with the first round pick while I wanted a CB. The GM gushes about how this guy (Kennedy) was such a terrific pick/value and my response: “Well, let me know who he’s going to cover?”

    Jerry’s take sort of put a new line on my thinking for the draft.

  • February 21, 2011  - RW says:

    By the way, I agree with Bob in that the Chiefs should have signed Tamba during the season. No brainer.

  • February 21, 2011  - COCHIEF says:

    Regarding Tamba, you need to take into consideration what he and his agent have been asking. I don’t doubt that the Chiefs would have liked to have had him signed long term earlier in the year. But, at what price? It will eventually get done at a realistic price for all concerned. Sometimes that takes time.

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