Hello From the NFL Combine

From Indianapolis, Indiana

So you see the location of where this post was filed and you are wondering if Gretz is at the NFL Combine, how come he’s not pumping out story after story, all day long? He must be faking his location.

Well, check out the picture on the right and you’ll see my ugly mug in the background of the picture of Baltimore coach John Harbaugh.

I am here, and I am overwhelmed. It’s 3:30 CST on Friday afternoon and I have 39 interviews recorded on four different pieces of machinery. For sheer volume of information, nothing can match the Combine between the parade of coaches and GMs talking about their teams, to the potential draft choices talking about their careers.

It’s football overload! Believe me when I tell you it will all eventually end up on the site and you’ll be able to enjoy the entire scene around the NFL Draft, so be patient. Coming up here in the next 24 hours we will drop in some posts about:

  • Harbaugh talking about how much Matt Cassel will love Jim Zorn.
  • Todd Haley talking about some changes in the Chiefs running game.
  • Sporting News NFL Executive of the Year Thomas Dimitroff talks about his time scouting for the Chiefs.
  • Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert talking about his stats as one of the top two quarterbacks in the 2011 Draft class.
  • K-State’s Daniel Thomas talks about what he can bring out of Manhattan to the NFL.

All weekend, we will be updating the site with new stories, so be patient and the world of football will unfold for you from the NFL Combine.

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  • February 25, 2011  - Mike says:

    I like that you got your picture on the site, Bob. You sly devil.

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