The Lights Are On … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs

Quite possibly the biggest upset of the 2010 NFL schedule that was announced Tuesday evening came in the season’s first week. That would be the Chiefs making it to a prime-time broadcast.

Lobbying by the Hunt Family convinced the league powers to give the nation a look at the first regular season game in the revamped Arrowhead Stadium. On Monday evening, September 14, the San Diego Chargers will be in town for Game No. 1.

That’s all well and good. Considering the amount of money the Hunts have spent themselves on the renovation of Arrowhead, they have every reason to want to show off the building. Of course one must also take into consideration that the reason Arrowhead became one of the NFL’s most famous stadiums wasn’t the cement and steel, the concourses and the club level.

Arrowhead became an iconic stadium thanks to the crowds that filled the seats in the 1990s and the enthusiasm they brought to watching Chiefs football. Of course that bloom is long off the rose as the team has struggled for the last three years to sellout their home games, just as the team struggled on the field to win games.

The visit by the Chargers on that Monday night will certainly give the Chiefs something to sell to potential ticket buyers. For fans that want to be part of that evening on a single ticket basis, expect to be forced to buy a ticket to the December 19th game against Tennessee as well, or maybe the October 31st Halloween home game against Chan Gailey and his Buffalo Bills.

It’s the first Monday night game at Arrowhead since November 22, 2004 when the Chiefs lost to the New England Patriots. Overall, the Chiefs are 10-7 at home in Monday night games that began in 1970 with the final merger of the leagues. They had four Monday home games in the 1970s, just one in the 1980s, 10 in the 1990s and only two in the 2000s.

The schedule as it came down from the league is neither brutal nor easy in how the games stack together for the Chiefs. We knew before the dates were set the opponents and that included just four games against teams that made the 2009 NFL Playoffs: San Diego and Philip Rivers (above) twice, Indianapolis and Arizona. But Todd Haley and his team have nine games against opponents that won eight games or more: including Houston, San Francisco, Denver and Tennessee.

It’s a tough start with home games against San Diego and a resurgent San Francisco team that finished 8-8 last year. Mixed in are road trips to Indy and Houston, where the Texans finished the ‘09 season at 9-7, along with an early trip to Cleveland.

After three games, the bye week comes and that gives the Chiefs two weeks to prepare for their trip to Lucas Oil Stadium to face the Colts. It would be a surprise if Haley and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel didn’t work overtime in those two weeks preparing for Peyton Manning, especially with the help of former Colts guard Ryan Lilja.

In November, the Chiefs visit Denver after the Broncos have their bye week.

There are seven teams in the league that did not get a prime-time performance: Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Seattle. All those teams have selections in the top 10 of the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday.

Despite its 4-12 record last year, Washington has three prime-time games thanks to acquiring head coach Mike Shanahan and QB Donovan McNabb. That includes a visit by the Eagles to the Redskins for a Monday night game on November 15. McNabb returns to Philadelphia on October 3rd.

The league office obviously worked hard to give NBC on Sunday night and then ESPN on Monday night plenty of games with premiere teams. The Jets, Colts, Steelers and Chargers in the AFC and the Cowboys, and Eagles in the NFC have five prime-time games each. The Saints, Vikings, Packers, Giants, 49ers, Ravens and Patriots have four games each.

Here are the highlight games of the week-by-week schedule

  • #1: Green Bay at Philadelphia – Kevin Kolb gets opening day start against Dom Capers and Packers D.
  • #2: New England at N.Y. Jets – the first of what should be two very good meetings in the AFC East.
  • #3: Dallas at Houston – battle of Texas should be a good one if Texans continue improvement.
  • #4: Washington at Philadelphia – McNabb returns to south Philly; it will be loud and profane.
  • #5: Minnesota at N.Y. Jets – Vikings and Favre (?) hit Big Apple in a Vikings offense vs. Jets defense.
  • #6: Baltimore at New England – Great Sunday afternoon battle with Ravens D against Tom Brady.
  • #7: Minnesota at Green Bay – huge division game even without Favre; bigger if he’s wearing purple.
  • #8: Pittsburgh at New Orleans – the black and gold in both conferences face off on Sunday night.
  • #9: Arizona at Minnesota – How will Matt Leinart handle the nose of the Metrodome?
  • #10: New England at Pittsburgh – Sunday night at Heinz Field with Big Ben back in the fold.
  • #11: Indianapolis at New England – Tough back-to-back games for the Patriots vs. Steelers, Colts.
  • #12: New Orleans at Dallas – Last year Cowboys ended Saints unbeaten season. Turkey Day bash!
  • #13: Dallas at Indianapolis – The Cowboys get 10 days to get ready for Peyton and Colts offense.
  • #14: Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Bengals won at Heinz last year and aren’t fazed by Terrible Towels.
  • #15: New Orleans at Baltimore – Drew Brees and Saints offense against Ravens defense. Wow!
  • #16: New York Giants at Green Bay – day after Christmas with a classic old school NFL matchup.
  • #17: Dallas at Philadelphia – could help decide the NFC East on the day after New Year’s.


The Steelers made a deal with Tampa Bay on Tuesday, re-acquiring QB Byron Leftwich for a seventh-round choice on Saturday in the 2010 NFL Draft. They announced that deal as Ben Roethlisberger (left) went through his second practice on the field with the Pittsburgh offense.

Why make the trade for Leftwich? Because coming down Wednesday is an announcement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Ben Roethlisberger and his possible suspension. Late last week, Steelers president Art Rooney II said an announcement would come after the draft.

But Goodell has seen the file from the investigation of rape charges against Roethlisberger that was carried out by the authorities in Georgia. Reportedly, the Commissioner was incensed by what he read, much as Rooney was when the Steelers got their hands on the file. Whether it was because the information was completely different than what Roethlisberger portrayed, or his behavior was so abhorrent to Goodell that he did not need more time to ponder his disciplinary measures.

All sorts of predictions have come down from the national pundits on how long the suspension will be, anywhere from six to two games. More than likely, the action will include a provision that Roethlisberger has to seek psychological counseling for his attitudes and actions. A good report from those sessions might lead the Commissioner to alter the total number of games he’s out of action.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported late Tuesday that the Steelers have gotten feelers from other clubs about a possible deal for Roethlisberger. The paper also reported that the team has not ruled out a possible trade if the price is right.

The paper is also running a poll on whether the team should trade the quarterback. Late Tuesday evening, the vote was running 60-40 to trade Roethlisberger.


  • BENGALS – ERFA G Evan Mathis signed.
  • BUCCANEERS – acquired 7th-round choice in 2010 NFL Draft in with the Steelers.
  • CHARGERS – ERFA LB Antwan Applewhite signed.
  • CHIEFS – RFA LB Corey Mays signed tender offer.
  • 49ERS – signed OLB Travis LaBoy (Cardinals).
  • JETS – agreed to terms with DE Jason Taylor (Jets).
  • LIONS – released TE Michael Matthews.
  • PANTHERS – RFA DT Louis Leonard signed tender offer.
  • PATRIOTS – signed WR Torry Holt (Jaguars).
  • RAMS – RFA DT Clifton Ryan signed tender offer; acquired 5th and 7th-round selections in 2010 NFL Draft in a trade with the Redskins.
  • REDSKINS – acquired DT Adam Carriker in a trade with the Rams.
  • SAINTS – UFA DE Jimmy Wilkerson signed (Buccaneers).
  • SEHAWKS – signed G Ben Hamilton (Broncos).
  • STEELERS – acquired QB Byron Leftwich in a trade with the Buccaneers.

19 Responses to “The Lights Are On … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • April 21, 2010  - Nathan says:

    Al Michaels: Hello and welcome to the newly renovated Arrowhead Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Diego Chargers here on Tuesday Morning Football.
    Cue Hank Williams Jr. and Tuesday Morning Football intro music.

    I’m glad the Chiefs get a “primetime” game in which to showcase the new Arrowhead. To heck with those of us on the East coast though. I suppose that’s what the DVR is for.

  • April 21, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    WE GOT OUR WISH!! and Enrique gut feeling was right!!! I bet our players are working a little extra harder in the weight room this morning. This is a good way to get us pumped. I almost had chills down my back!!!!

  • April 21, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    Very cool to open the season with Monday Night Football at Arrowhead. Tough game, though. The Bolts have been rough on us the last few years. So let’s hope the tide is really turning. This game could set the tone for the whole season. A big win could do wonders for this teams confidence. Another ass-kicking from the Chargers, though? At home? On National TV? Man…I hate to even think about that.

    As I said before…the bye week after three games pretty well sucks. Oh well. Other than that, though…this is the best looking Chiefs schedule I’ve seen in years. If we can’t manage at least 8-8 this season…I’ll have to seriously question if we’re going in the right direction.

  • April 21, 2010  - KC Beach Bum says:

    Finally a prime time game! But I think September 14 is a Tuesday…

  • April 21, 2010  - jimbo says:

    No doubt the Chiefs are out of the Chute in a hurry on a late Monday night in Sept. Facing off head to head with the Chargers that early in the season, on National TV… will surely test the mettle of our coaching staff & players.
    Our preseason games will have a whole lot more meaning this year. We as fans are going to be nervous nellies & probably hard on our teams performance in those games.
    In the meantime though, I am excited about the Monday night game & tomorrows start of the draft. Let’s see, who will it be? Berry, McClain, Williams, Cody, Suh or someone else.
    Go Chiefs.

  • April 21, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    jimbo says:
    “…tomorrows start of the draft. Let’s see, who will it be? Berry, McClain, Williams, Cody, Suh or someone else.”


    Ha! Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing who our new Chiefs will be. Then we can all put away the guessing and speculation.

    But, seriously…looking at your players listed? I’d be pissed if we took Cody with our first pick.

  • April 21, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    good point on the pre-season that it maybe a little more meaningful because of the monday night game wk 1. Haley will probably not play the starters anymore than anyother year, but definately need to be more crisp coming out of games 3 and 4 of the preseaon. And like you siad, preseason is meaningless, but if we stink it up, some people will be screaming due to national tv in wk 1.

    as for the bye, yeah wk 4 sucks, unless we are 0-4. ha!! better not be the case!!!!

  • April 21, 2010  - inmyseatsince1985 says:

    The Chiefs had better start SELLING those tickets! It will be difficult to fill the stadium with such a late start time. HOPEFULLY we can get enough of a crowd to make some noise. Last year was pathetic, as we had more fans from the opponents team than Chiefs fans in the stands. Many of us ‘old timers’ who were here in the 80’s do not want to repeat what that decade was like. EVER!!!

  • April 21, 2010  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    IF !— They could get Ben For 5 years and the first year, non-roster , and use him for QB’s cond. & coach ( there’s three QB that could emerge with Ben after and leave KC with two strong threat’s )Hope fully Matt and Ben .
    Second year with both on roster —-

  • April 21, 2010  - XianDave says:

    “Considering the amount of money the Hunts have spent themselves on the renovation of Arrowhead…”

    You mean the money taxpayers have spent, right Bob?

  • April 21, 2010  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    Only a QB like Ben is truley able to move the ball , and by joing the Chiefs —–Ticket sales!!!!!!
    It would from the side lines , but that might work . Need that now ,with year’s schedule ..

  • April 21, 2010  - Mad Chief says:


    With all due respect…there is no way on Earth the Chiefs need Ben Roethlisberger.

    In fact…the guy has Oakland Raiders written all over him, if you ask me.

  • April 21, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    IS this the true jim, or someone posting as him like dumbazz rin did?

    or are you still hung over?? just kidding jim, but there is not .0000001% chance of Pioli even considering that….IMO

  • April 21, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    Jim, I wouldnt say that he wont help sell tickets and we wouldnt help us at qb, but thats a whole hell of alot of money tied up in 2 players when one is guarenteed to set the bench…

  • April 21, 2010  - Jay says:

    Hey guys i live out in San Diego and im so excited the Chiefs got a Monday night game especially against the team i hate with a passion. I hope we pack those stands and show the nation why Kansas City still has the best fan base and loudest stadium. I hope it being such a late game doesnt discourage some of Chiefs nation not to show because if that happens and we end up losing also God knows when we will ever be primetime again.

    GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • April 21, 2010  - Phalz says:

    I wonder what MNF broadcasters we will see? I am guessing Mike and Mike. At least Kornheiser won’t be around (hopefully).

  • April 21, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    yeah jay true, but I think that it has been such a long time since we had one, we will sell out. I hate driving home and getting up the next day and just getting a few hrs of sleep, but new arrowhead, 1st monday night in 6 years, home opener, I dont think I can miss it and neither will our CHIEFS NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • April 21, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    Phalz it would be Mike Torico, Jaws, and Gruden

  • April 21, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    I plan on being there. I can usually only attend two or three games each year…and this one is absolutely a must see.

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