A Case For Sean Weatherspoon

We always like to hear from our readers and sometimes they even send comments we think everyone would like to read. That’s what Matt Verderame did and what follows are his thoughts on the player the Chiefs should grab with the fifth choice. If you can put together your thoughts as well as Matt, feel free to send them to . No guarantees of being published, but don’t let that stop you should the muse tickle you.

Many draft experts talk about the value pick. Taking the best player available vs. a team’s biggest need is commonly discussed with the NFL draft. Also, there’s where a team picks (especially early on) dictates who they take. I think all that is overrated.

Every team in the NFL does scouting years in advance preparing for certain players in each draft. Most of the time these players coming out are assigned a value by men such as Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay, and everyone goes along with it. With all due respect to these men who put months upon months of work into their craft, they aren’t NFL scouts. They also don’t follow every team as close as their respective fans because there just isn’t enough time in the day, so they aren’t as acutely aware of every team’s needs.

Many people are saying the Chiefs will draft OT Bryan Bulaga or S Eric Berry because that’s what “value” says. I propose a question: say after the Chiefs workout of LB Sean Weatherspoon they feel he is the best player in the draft at a position of need. If they feel he has more upside than say Rolando McClain, but McClain may be a safer, more fan friendly pick, what is Mr. Pioli to do?

In my opinion, you throw caution to the wind and take who you believe will be the more dynamic player in the NFL, regardless of “value”. Kansas City doesn’t need a LT; they already have one in Branden Albert. Also, while Berry is a tremendous talent, he’s not the pick right now. Even with a great safety, if the Chiefs don’t improve up front they’re sunk.

If you look at this draft, the safety position runs very deep in talent, as does nose tackle. You can get a quality NT in the 2nd round in Torrell Troup, Cam Thomas, and possibly even Terrence Cody. However the LB position, especially elite linebackers, is very thin. After McClain, Brandon Spikes and perhaps Sean Lee are the next best inside linebackers. Outside linebacker is somewhat deeper with Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Daryl Washington, Navarro Bowman, and others. However, Sean Weatherspoon is unique, because some feel he can play both inside and outside.

I understand Weatherspoon is projected as a mid to late first-round pick. However, if Kansas City doesn’t “reach” and pull the trigger in the 1st round, they have no chance to nab him without some serious wheeling and dealing, and probably a loss of picks.

Weatherspoon has been a leader wherever he has been, at Missouri and even at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. The Chiefs are in desperate need of someone to be emotional on defense, and be a leader in critical moments. It’s not a safe pick in many people’s eyes, and perhaps even a wild one.

In times like these however, you occasionally need to roll the dice. When I watched Weatherspoon play with his intensity, he reminded me of Ray Lewis. I’m not going to be a fool and say that Sean Weatherspoon will become Ray Lewis, but that is who comes to mind watching him. Rolando McClain reminds me of Lance Briggs. Briggs is no doubt a solid player, but he’s someone who never will be the best player on a championship defense.

Drafting Weatherspoon is only a reach if he turns out to be worse than McClain and Bulaga, and have less of an impact than Berry. Otherwise, it’s one of our best picks in a long, long time.

17 Responses to “A Case For Sean Weatherspoon”

  • April 11, 2010  - True Red & Gold says:

    Weatherspoon is very unlikely to be our pick at #5. The chiefs may or may not like the guy but unless they are able to trade down they most likely will not pick him at 5. I agree he is a good player and may be a great NFL player. And I agree that the scouts know him better than the TV guys. I just don’t think that he will be that high on the Chiefs draft board. I doubt that Pioli is going to draft a OT but I don’t agree that the Chiefs don’t need a great one. I also think that Bryant will be higher on the Chiefs board than Weatherspoon.

  • April 11, 2010  - Warpaint says:

    I think Bob has a great point. KC has addressed their O-line and D-line, with the recent FA period.
    We now have 2 solid centers, (either of which should be able to fill in at other positions), and we could have a decent NT.
    I don’t believe KC would be reaching, with Sean. Yes, he would be picked higher than most project him… but that could only mean the “experts” didn’t place enough value on him. Or, even if they’re right.. for what KC’s current needs, he could be the best player on the board for them.
    I envision him as another “Donnie Edwards”. Also, remember, Pioli wants tough players.
    (quote taken from online source)
    “Sean displayed his toughness during spring camp, when he suffered torn labrum in his shoulder toward the middle of the camp, but he chose to finish camp before getting surgery so that he could get the experience and help lead the Tiger defense” What does that say about his toughness and character?

  • April 11, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    Good stuff, Matt.

    I’ve been on the Weatherspoon “bandwagon” for awhile now…as most of you know.

    Berry? Great. Bring it on. McClain? Okay. That’s cool…I suppose. Bulaga? No. Hell no. Why? Exactly my point….why?

    Weatherspoon? I’d be grinning ear to ear. “Reach” or not…Sean Weatherspoon is going to be a damn good player in the NFL. I’d love to see him do it in a Chiefs uniform. I know that will probably never happen…but, I’m rooting for this kid to make it big, wherever he goes. He might just turn out to be the best pick of the first round (just a personal prediction). This guy is a leader…and we could certainly use one of those. I would love it if we picked Weatherspoon. Whenever…however…whatever.

  • April 11, 2010  - aPauled says:

    Nice article Matt…obvioulsy a Mizzou fan…#5…not going to happen.

    My first question is where does he fit in a 3-4 Defense? At 6-1, 239…he is undersized for a 3-4 OLB rush linebacker. Doesn’t really fit the mold of a 3-4 ILB either. Looks like a 4-3 OLB to me who would be miscast in the Chiefs D. Probably going to be a great player in the NFL for 10+ years…with a 4-3 team drafting #15-30.

  • April 12, 2010  - The Morning Fix | Arrowhead Addict | A Kansas City Chiefs blog says:

    [...] A Case For Sean Weatherspoon-BobGretz.com [...]

  • April 12, 2010  - Jerry says:

    I have been hollering for the spoon man for a LONG time! He is better than McClain. How about Spoon-Studebaker-Johnson-Hali! To hear “SPOON” echo through Arrowhead would be fantastic! We could trade down a few spots and get him! He is a Pioli man.Rifgr-on Gretz

  • April 12, 2010  - Jerry says:

    Furthermore, the Berry people better start crying because the Chiefs will NOT take him at 5! If they do then I have mis-judged Pioli.

  • April 12, 2010  - Nick says:

    WOW! i just wrote a post about this on Arrowhead Pride!! For some reason it was taken down though. Odd…. Anyways, i think that Spoon should be our pick at 5. I honestly believe he is the best LB out there and will be much more productive than McClain. Spoon is instantly a leader on your defense and a tackling machine. He’s pretty good in coverage too. Vocally you cant ask for anything more. He “quarterbacks” a defense just as well as McClain or any other backer available. I can definitely see the comparison to Ray Lewis. That’s basically who he was at Mizzou. Always layed the big hits and was always around the ball. Overall i think he’s the best choice for us and we should definitely help him out with a NT like Cam Thomas (Cody or Troup) with our 2a pick.

  • April 12, 2010  - findthedr says:

    Weatherspoon would be a Weak-ILB for the chiefs. Not only would it be poor positional value, but it would be a replacement at a position in which we aldready have Derrick Johnson and Demario Williams.

    The chiefs need a starter at Strong-ILB, and that is where McClain fits in….though he too would be a poor positional value at #5 overall.

    I’m dissapointed in your lack of research Mr. Gretz

  • April 12, 2010  - Byzkit says:

    I was thinking Spoon too, but in a different route to get there. Take Berry 5th overall if he’s there. Then trade back into the late first round to get him.

  • April 12, 2010  - jimbo says:

    The best thing about Spoon is that he can play any linebacker position. He is not one dimensional as some are suggesting. Inside, outside, strongside, weakside it does’nt matter. He’s highly motivated, smart, has a nose for the ball, team leader kind of guy. He will be an instant upgrade for the Chiefs or any other NFL team that picks him.
    Whether he is a #5 pick or a #18 pick, the team that chooses him has a need for a game changing LB. Maybe the Chiefs are one of those teams.
    If it were’nt for the huge contract that comes with the #5 pick, we would’nt be debating so much on who Pioli pulls the trigger with.
    Go Chiefs.

  • April 12, 2010  - findthedr says:

    “The best thing about Spoon is that he can play any linebacker position.”

    not in a 3-4 he can’t. He is 6′1” 239lbs. That really limits what he can do. He would get mauled on the outside.

  • April 12, 2010  - Jerry says:

    Common! You Beery and Mac guys are wearing me out!A linebacker in Denver that may be 5ft9 that is doing real well. Spoon would be a great pick for us! Spoon won’t be MAULED by anyone! Must be a “jayHAwk” fan. If we take him he will be perfect for this defense. He hits like a train and can cover.

  • April 12, 2010  - Lenny says:

    Don’t know much about this kid, how is he against the run? We def need an emotional leader who can be counted on to get the big stops, so who fits that bill better? Spoon or McClain? Whoever it is probably get’s the pick, whether we trade down or not.

  • April 12, 2010  - True Red & Gold says:

    I agree with findthevet on this one. All except the criticism of Bob considering he did not write this one. All of you Mizzou fans might have to change pro teams, spoon will go in the early 20s.

  • April 12, 2010  - Danny W says:

    True Red Gold
    Ditto that from me as well. I hope spoon does well I live in Columbia for God sakes and I have watched him play a lot! He is not going to be picked up at five even though he will be an okay NFL player.

  • April 12, 2010  - Adam M says:

    I would not have a problem with them taking him. We need a good ILB. I think Rolando McClain would be a little better. But they better take one of the second tier NT is the 2nd as well as a safety. Like Bob said they could do that! We need Defense! Just watched the Dallas vs. KC game on NFL network replay… Man we need play makers on D! If we took ..
    1. ILB Sean Witherspoon or R. McClain
    2a. NT T. Troup, Cam Thomas, or Linval Joseph
    2b. S Nate Allen or Chad Jones

    with the first 3 picks, Our D would be better right away! Hope we go Defense big time!

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