Checkin’ The Latest Line … Monday Cup O’Chiefs

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was talking the other day about how information on potential draft picks keeps flowing right up until moments before selection.

The 2010 NFL Draft got a taste of that on Saturday when Alabama LB Rolando McClain (right) told a Birmingham, Alabama newspaper that he does not have Crohn’s Disease, an inflammation of the intestines that can sometimes be very painful and disruptive to a person’s health.

It was McClain who surprised everyone at the Alabama Pro Day workout last month when he said he had the malady since he was in the ninth grade.

Saturday in Tuscaloosa as he was having his handprint and cleat print set in cement at a Walk of Fame on the University of Alabama quadrangle, McClain said he has now been told he does not have Crohn’s.

“In all my talks with my doctors in the past two weeks, with all the tests we’ve done, they don’t even feel I have Crohn’s disease,” McClain said. “The tests came out good and positive. Every team knows it’s not going to affect me at all.

“I don’t have any signs of it right now.”

This is of interest to the Chiefs, who despite their reticence to talk about their draft plans, have McClain as one of those players on their draft board of 100 or so names. If they like him enough, they’ll have to get him with the fifth pick in the first round. At least, that’s what they would have to do now. There remains the possibility they could trade down and out of that No. 5 spot. Or, they may find another defensive player more to their liking available, somebody such as DT Ndamukong Suh or S Eric Berry.

With four days until the first round of the Draft, it’s time to check back in with the odds makers at the Gretz Sports Book/Gas Station/Gift Shop in Miami, Oklahoma. At the close of business on Sunday, here are the big board odds on what the Chiefs will do and what the odds were 10 day ago when we last checked on them:

4-to-1 (same) they select Tennessee safety Eric Berry – The more you hear and the more you discover about this young man, it seems he has the chance to be a very special defensive player. Some think the fifth spot in the first round is too high for a safety. Certainly it doesn’t happen very often in the top five. Since the AFL-NFL combined their drafts in 1967, there have been five safeties taken in the first five picks: Sean Taylor by Washington in 2004 at No. 5; Eric Turner by Cleveland at No. 2 in 1991; Bennie Blades by Detroit at No. 3 in 1988; Ricky Dixon by Cincinnati at No. 5 in 1988; Kenny Easley by Seattle at No 4 in 1981. But the only way for the Chiefs to draft a player of Berry’s caliber is to pick him. They so desperately need help on the back line it’s hard to see how they can pass.

5-to-1 (3-to-1) they select Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain – Yes, they badly need help at inside linebacker on the Chiefs defense as well. Yes, McClain is the best insider backer available in this draft. It’s hard to explain why he was our favorite just 10 days ago and has dropped to No. 2 other than this: Berry will be on the field for every play from his first game in the league. McClain would be a welcome addition on first down, but if he did his job, he’d be out on the next play.

10-to-1 (40-to-1) they trade down and out of the No. 5 spot – Oh how the Chiefs would love to move down a few spots, pick up another second or third-round pick – or both – and still get a very good player. To do that, they would have to stay somewhere between the sixth and 12th slots. That would be Seattle, Cleveland, Oakland, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Denver and Miami. Forget Oakland and Denver; that just won’t happen at the top of the first round with an AFC West foe. It’s going to take one of those other teams to really be in love with a player who is still available at No. 5.

11-to-1 (7-to-1) they select a player from the field that isn’t expected – Two words: Tyson Jackson.

12-to-1 (8-to-1) they select Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga – He’s dropping on our big board if they stay at No. 5 because there would be better options. Now, if they trade down, Bulaga’s odds would grow increasingly more likely.

15-to-1 (no odds) they select Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung – Don’t just love when the media writes about two weeks ago about how the top four picks are locked down. Then, just four days before the draft we discover that’s not the case, not the case at all. Other than QB Sam Bradford going to St. Louis with the first choice, there’s nothing set in stone with Detroit, Tampa Bay and Washington. Chances are one of those spots at No. 2, 3 or 4 will go to Okung. The longer odds on Okung are reflective of the fact the Chiefs are unlikely to have the opportunity to even consider him.

25-to-1 (no odds) they select Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh – As the pundits and mock drafters keep throwing up different versions of what’s going to happen on Thursday night, suddenly there are predictions that Suh will still be available at No. 5. That seems like idiocy, but we’ve put it on the big board as a long shot.

50-to-1 (none) they trade up from the fifth spot – They have those two second-round picks that could get them up a spot or two in the order. But that kind of deal doesn’t make sense for this team at this time: they need bodies, not a specific body.

100-to-1 (same) they select Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant – If the Chiefs made this pick it would be one of the biggest upsets in draft history.

Off the board: Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen.


  • BRONCOS – RFA QB Kyle Orton signed tender offer.
  • BUCCANEERS – RFA WR Maurice Stovall signed tender offer.
  • COWBOYS – RFA WR Sam Hurd signed tender offer.
  • DOLPHINS – acquired a fifth-round selection in the ‘10 NFL Draft from the 49ers in a trade.
  • 49ERS – acquired WR Ted Ginn Jr. from the Dolphins in a trade.
  • GIANTS – RFA WR Domenik Hixon signed tender offer; ERFA CB D.J. Johnson signed.
  • LIONS – released S Kalvin Pearson, CB Brian Witherspoon and CB Kevin Hobbs.
  • PACKERS – RFA RB John Kuhn signed tender offer.
  • PANTHERS – RFA TE Jeff King signed tender offer; signed CB Brian Witherspoon (Lions).
  • PATRIOTS – RFA K Stephen Gostkowski signed tender offer.
  • RAIDERS – RFA LB Thomas Howard signed tender offer.
  • RAVENS – RFA QB Troy Smith and RFA G Marshal Yanda signed tender offers; ERFA RB Jalen Parmele signed.
  • REDSKINS – RFA DT Kedric Golston signed tender offer.
  • SEAHAWKS – signed UFA CB Kennard Cox (Jaguars); signed WR Reggie Williams and G Mitch Erickson; released G Trevor Canfield.
  • STEELERS – RFA P Daniel Sepulveda and RFA CB William Gay signed tender offer.

15 Responses to “Checkin’ The Latest Line … Monday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • April 19, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    I’m sticking with my prediction that it will be Berry or McClain…with my hopes on Berry. Some are calling him the best Safety prospect in a decade. I think you have to take that chance. That is, if he’s even still there at #5.

    I just don’t see much (if any) hope that we can trade down. With who? For what player? Of course, it will all come down to who’s there when our pick comes up. But, I just don’t see any player possible that would be there…that another team would trade up to get.

  • April 19, 2010  - KCnDC says:

    Great point about Berry being on the field for every down. I hadn’t considered it until you mentioned it Bob. Now I’m back on the Berry bandwagon! Let’s hope the Lions and/or Bucs shock the draft and take him!

  • April 19, 2010  - TimR says:

    I’m confused. McClain was the one that told people he had the disease. Now the reports are the doctors say he doesn’t have it yet, McClain himself says “I don’t have any signs of it right now”. Since I’m not a doctor, I don’t know if there’s a definitive test that tells if a person has it, doesn’t have it or carries some “marker” that says they could develop it. Bob, can you clear this up for us?

    I’d hate to see some smokescreen by McClain’s agent circulate a “clean” report to boost his client’s slot in the draft for the money…

  • April 19, 2010  - Danny W says:

    If for some random miracle Okung is there the Chiefs are much happier than if it is Berry there.
    I love Berry though and would rather us get Berry than Bulaga but would be happier than both of those with Okung. I here that the Eagles are trying to trade up to get him.(Berry) They just got an extremely high second round choice for McNabb. I wonder if they wouldn’t swap us picks in the first and give us both of there picks in the second to get him. I would jump on that deal in a heart beat. That would give us pick number 25 were Anthony Davis may be there then pick 36 37 50 and 55. It could happen Chief fans.

  • April 19, 2010  - Mad Chief says:


    I would say Bradford has a better chance of falling to #5 than Okung does.

    I’ve heard the Eagles trade scenario before. Falling all the way to #25 in the first round…way too far, imo. I don’t care what other picks we got. Trade back a few spots? Fine. Into the early teens? Okay. All the way down to 25? No thanks. But, that’s just me.

    Thing is…we won’t know until the time comes if Berry will even be there for us, let alone a team trying to trade up for him. I could see the Bucs taking him (although not likely). It’s (supposidly) a deep draft in DB talent…so I don’t know if the Eagles would even be interested in dealing their picks, anyway. And maybe we won’t take Berry if he’s there, for that very reason…and try to pick one up in the second or third round.

    Blah, blah, blah. Ha! I can’t wait until the draft finally get’s here. So we can all end the “who?” and “what ifs?”…and start talking about our new players. Oh, and how bad Pioli effed up…because there will be those that will, no matter what.

  • April 19, 2010  - True Red & Gold says:

    These are my revised thoughts on our first pick of the Draft

    Suh: We all know that he won’t be there, but he is worth trading up for IMO. NT is a huge need for us and if Pioli could pull that off without selling the farm than he would be a genius.

    McCoy: I will be surprised if he is there, actually I bet he won’t be. If he is and we don’t trade out of 5 or draft him then Pioli is an idiot. Seriously if Crennel believes this guy can play the NT they simply can’t pass him up. I believe that McCoy if there is one of two players that would give us an opportunity to trade down.

    Bradford: He won’t be there, enough said about him.

    Bryant: He has the talent to be a top 5 pick, he is worthy of this pick. Haley has to love the ability of this guy but he just doesn’t fit the Haley mold. This guy is going to be great in this league but if we take him than all that talk about the right 53 is hog wash.

    Okung: This is my pick if he is there. I’d say the odds are not very good that he will be there at 5. However if he is I am not convinced that Pioli would draft him (that would be a mistake) considering that he passed on some good OTs last draft.

    Berry: A lot of people think that this will be our pick. I don’t, I will be very surprised if it is. I also think that there is a good chance that he won’t be there at 5. I just can’t see Pioli falling in love with this guy. I wish I knew what Crennel thinks of him and how important he puts a top-notch safety in his system. I think this is Haley’s kind of player though.

    Earl Thomas: Pioli won’t be swayed by whom everybody else thinks he should draft and I think it is possible that he has Thomas rated higher than Berry

    Spiller: This guy could be special in the league and if he can return kicks than he has to be a consideration for the Chiefs. If Gaily was still our OC I would give Spiller better odds of being our pick. But because he plays a position that is not at the top of our needs list I seriously doubt he will be our pick. IMO Spiller is worthy of this pick.

    McClain: I would prefer this guy over Berry. If CP was here I think this would be the pick. IMO Pioli will consider this guy and there is a chance we draft him. I think the odds are a little better than a lot of guys think.

    Bulaga: I am with a lot of guys, I just don’t see this guy as our pick. First of all I don’t believe he is the second best OT in the draft. I think the press went on a rabbit hunt with this pick because of the coach’s connection and the fact that Pioli is not afraid to reach for a player.

    Haden: I agree with Bob’s assessment of this guy. He is worthy of the pick but not necessarily elite and not a position of need. I don’t think he will be our pick.

    Dan Williams: I agree with the guys that think we could pick Williams. NT is a need and he might be the best available at that position left. I think he is a reach at 5 but I still give him a chance of becoming a Chief.

    Trent Williams: IMO he is a better OT than Bulaga and has more upside. I still argue that the quickest way to return to dominance and fill the seats is with a bruising OLine and this guy would help get us there. If Okung is not there and we don’t take this guy I will be disappointed. I don’t think the odds are very good that we will though.

    Clausen: This is the second guy that gives us a slight chance of trading out of the 5 spot (although not as likely now). Unless Weis is in love with this guy I doubt we give him much consideration as our pick. I don’t have a good feel for this guy and I wander how he fits the Haley mold. I think the odds are very low that we take Clausen however maybe we pick him and put Brodie on the trading block.

    Jason Pierre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, Sergio Kendle: Pioli could surprise us all with one of theses guys. I made a pretty big sweep but Pioli is just unpredictable enough that I needed to. I am confident that our first round pick will be one of these guys though.

    I just don’t think we will get the right opportunity to trade down, I agree with Bob’s odds of this happening.

  • April 19, 2010  - Mark says:

    We have no need for Okung. We have HUGE need for Berry or McClain.

  • April 19, 2010  - Gary in IL says:

    Enough with the Berry talk. If you want to improve the secondary improve the front seven. This team needs two NFL inside linebackers. You still do not now what they think of Derrick Johnson, and if you are still starting Corey Mayes or Damorrio Williams these two are nothing more than speed bumps to the secondary. Troy Polomalu and Ed Reed are effective because there front sevens were in place when they arrived in the league.

  • April 19, 2010  - arrowhead1978 says:

    The eagles think that Berry could be there savior in the secondary. They haven’t found anyone to replace Dawkins yet and he might just be the one, they traded with the Broncos and Lions to get ernie sims for a 5th rounder, he used to be a #9 pick, so I wouldn’t bet against the eagles wheelin’ n dealin’ to make it happen for them…

  • April 19, 2010  - Danny W says:

    Arrow head 1978
    Those were the rumors I heard

    Mad Chief
    My statements were made in hypothetical terms not what is rock solid going to happen IMO.

    I never get tired of the draft talk. Of course my ego isn’t bruised if someone disagree’s with me on my picks, it doesn’t make me cry myself to sleep every night.

    What is frustrating is if someone throws your idea’s down as stupid or something, then its just arrogance. I like to think as positively as I can about my favorite team and all the good things that could happen for them. ANY THING IS POSSIBLE

  • April 19, 2010  - Michael says:

    Danny, if that happened it would be totally cool. The Chiefs could grab a ton of help with that kind of ammo.

  • April 19, 2010  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    Hey Bob,

    I like what you did with the rotating photos. Recent 1st round draft picks … college & pro photos.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the draft to be over so we can talk about actuals and not probables.


  • April 19, 2010  - Mad Chief says:


    “What is frustrating is if someone throws your idea’s down as stupid or something, then its just arrogance.”

    I hope you weren’t talking to me on that. If you were…and I did? I apologize. My opinion is my own…and doesn’t mean much to anyone else.

    Bottom line is…none of us know what’s going to happen later this week. Not you. Not me. Not the so-called “experts”. No one.

    I know this…I trust the guys we have in place now. From Pioli on down. Whatever they do…I’m ultimately cool with. I may not agree with every move they make. But you know what? I work in the mortgage industry. I’m a big-time Chiefs fan…but not a football expert, by any means. These guys eat, drink, sleep, dream, fart, and sh*t football. So, I’ll defer to their expertise. I just want to see my team of 30+ years put a winning effort on the field. The Chiefs being a league “joke” is getting old.

  • April 20, 2010  - Paul says:

    Is it weird that I’m more worried about getting Notre Dame WR Golden Tate in the early 2nd round than what happens in the first round?

    I just hope in the first round we do get McClain or Berry. I’d hate to see us draft an OT. It’d be a waste I think compared to what we could get at #5.

  • April 20, 2010  - Jerry says:

    If I was picking-which I am not and probably good thing, I would trade down with the Bills-(they want Clausen) or San Fran and take Weatherspoon. Have at least 3 2nd round picks or maybe an extra 3rd, get a DB WR and depth in O line and a TE (Pitta) ewill be mid rounder.If they keep Dorsey he is moved to the inside

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